A proven track record of excellence

With over 40 years experience in supporting pharmaceutical companies in Japan, we know the demands of the pharmaceutical industry for speed, efficiency, accuracy and accountability.

Our strive to perfecting our products and services made us develop innovative products and services for highly efficient chambers, comprehensive validation content and the release of one of Japan’s first Part 11 compliant data management systems.

These are only some reasons why we have gained an 80% share of Japan’s stability-testing market.
With Nagano Science, you can be certain that you are investing in performance- and quality-guaranteed products and services.

Continuous Evolution

We are always looking for the latest developments in drug research and the regulations affecting the industry. We constantly make sure our products and services are in line with the latest industry trends. We also share this information with our clients to prepare them for inspections and avoid costly surprises.

The human factor

At the core of these quality products and services are the people of Nagano Science. We are experts in the field of stability testing but no one knows more about research work than our clients themselves.

Therefore, each person here at Nagano Science dedicates time and effort to listen and to understand the requests of each individual client.

A collaborative effort

Based on the information shared with us, we work closely together with each client to determine the best solutions to suit current needs as well as to plan future improvement strategy.

We don’t just sell products. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with each customer and to support your every day stability-testing operations.

With Nagano Science, 1+1 is always greater than 2

Doing business with us does not just mean a simple purchase of goods. Our products and services are just a catalyst in our efforts to provide you with the best support in stability testing. But don’t just take our word for it. Contact us  now and experience all this yourself!