“Our vision:  Making Japanese standard, high-end quality available around the world.”

Daizo Nagano  Daizo Nagano, President

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most rigorously regulated industries in the world.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines are consistently harmonized to make them globally uniform and allow for international quality, safety and efficacy standards for pharmaceutical products.

The result is high-quality, affordable pharmaceuticals all over the world.

Nagano Science has studied the development of these guidelines from their introduction to today’s format.

The insights and knowledge we have built over the years has made us a complete, high-end provider of stability testing process solutions.

Our services and equipment play an important role to our customers in complying with standards, pass certifications and audits to produce medicals with guaranteed and consistent quality.

Furthermore, our focus on knowledge has have gained us an 85% market share in the pharmaceutical stability testing market in the demanding Japanese market.

We have been designated a main supplier by the top-ten pharmaceutical companies in Japan and nine of the top-ten contract research organizations (CROs).

Nagano Science is also organizing knowledge transfer between the most important stakeholders in the industry. To that end, we organize a seminar on the developments in the storage stability-testing field that attracts about 150 stability-testing experts and has gained a strong reputation among our customers.

Now, to fulfill our vision, it’s time for the next step in our development and to establish Nagano Science abroad.

To that end we are seeking cooperation partners with a strong reputation in their markets who would want to add the Nagano Science portfolio of products and services to their own.

It is sometimes said that you cannot for certain know anything about the times to come.

At Nagano Science we prefer to say: what a wonderful future there is ahead.

We, Nagano Science would be glad to support you and be part of your success!