• Mikitomo Nagano starts SANYO SEIKI SHOKAI and sells scientific equipment for the chemical industry in Osaka, Japan


  • Start manufacturing of scientific and chemical industrial equipment in Fukuzawa


  • Construction of the first production plant in Ibaraki near Osaka is completed, expansion of production of scientific equipment and own sales activities from the new factory head office in Ibaraki


  • Rename company name to Nagano Scientific InstrumentsCo. Ltd. and restructure to suit the fast business expansion; Mikitomo Nagano is the first president of Nagano Science.
  • Launch the first-own-developed products, bottle cabinets and cooling chambers


  • Expand its production capacity and moves to its new facility in Takatsuki


  • Establish the first sales office in Tokyo Bunkyo-ward
  • Successfully completion of the development of Nagano Scientific Instruments microprocessor controlled humidity and temperature regulation system for the newly launched temperature and humidity chambers in Japan


  • Rapid sales and high demands make the next expansion of the production capacity necessary, the plant is moved to Amashinmachi Takatsuki
  • The new head office is now in the Fukuzawa factory


  • Development of the GP-IB RS232C System; the first data connection device allowing data transfer from equipment to data recording machines, this product has been successfully introduced as joint venture project by Nikkei newspaper


  • Introduction of the first data monitoring and recording system for environmental chambers in Japan (Computer Centralized Control MAS System)


  • First pharmaceutical photo-stability testing chamber series Lightron LT-120 has been introduced in Japan”


  • Establishment of the Tokyo service center in Ota-ward Tokyo and integration of the Tokyo sales office to the new service center
  • GL-NAG the second generation of the computerized data monitoring andrecording system for environmental chamber is introduced


  • Expansion of the production facility in Fukuzawa factory and addition of new ware house and administrative facilities


  • Second generation pharmaceutical stability testing chamber series LTX-01 with new Xenon light source introduced in Japan


  • Nagano Scientific is establishing the specialized field validation service division nationwide


  • Obtain ISO9001certification (JQA)
  • Introduction of the new energy saving pharmaceutical stability testing chamber series ECONAS
  • Set up of the Pharmaceutical Stability Testing Development Center (STC) in Senri Life Science Center Building, Toyonaka, Osaka


  • First STC seminar about storage stability testing process in the pharmaceutical industry is held in Osaka and Tokyo with over 200 specialists of quality control and quality assurance attending


  • Daizo Nagano appointed as new president of Nagano Scientific Instruments Introduction of the third generation the fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data monitoring and recording system “NASTER Monitoring System”


  • Change of company name to Nagano Science Co. Ltd.
  • Start stability testing Information mail service as new service tool for pharmaceutical quality control and quality assurance specialists
  • Expansion of the nationwide service network from 2 to 4 locations


  • The second generation of the energy saving pharmaceutical stability testing chamber series ECONAS II with smaller footprint introduced in Japan
  • Nagano Science is first to introduce a 21CFR Part 11 series compliant stability testing sample management system; the “RiBS Manager”
  • Introduction of sample storage stability testing services for pharmaceutical customers in Japan
  • Expansion of the service network to 8 locations nationwide


  • Nagano Science headquarter is moved to Senri Life Science Building in Toyonaka, Osaka
  • Nationwide service network expanded to 13 locations


  • Tokyo sales and service center is now at the new location in Sea Fort Square Center Building, Tennoz Aisle, Tokyo
  • Nagano Science introduces its sample storage service for back-up storage stability testing as first service product of the new stability testing risk management support service


  • Development and introduction of the world’s first risk-based pharmaceutical photo-stability testing chamber series LTL-200A
  • Introduction of risk assessment services for stability testing chambers as extension of the stability testing risk management support service
  • New sales office in Shizuoka is opened


  • The service network of Nagano Science is expanded to 15 locations in Japan


  • The Takatsuki factory renovation completed and the new manufacturing and R&D facility is now name “Mother Factory”
  • The Pharmaceutical Stability Testing Development Center is restructured and now known as Pharmaceutical Stability Testing Process Development
  • Center to focus its activities to the fast growing needs of the pharmaceutical market in Japan.
  • Veriteq Canada appoints Nagano Science as official sales and service partner of for precision temperature and humidity data logger in Japan
  • Nagano Science opens its storage stability testing facility STSS in Saito
  • The Mother Factory receives the “Good Design Award” for the innovative design of the building
  • Obtain ISO14001 certification (JQA)


  • Nagano Science sets up its global marketing group


  • Nagano Science is holding its first seminar on disaster risk reduction for the pharmaceutical industry in Osaka
  • The sample storage capacity of the Saito STSS site has been doubled to meet rapid increasing demands for outsourced storage stability testing


  • Specific disaster risk assessment services for the pharmaceutical industry have been introduced in Japan
  • Launch PQS (Pharamceutical Quality System) development support service


  • Establish "Nagano Science USA, Inc" in USA
  • Form business alliance with a US company for validation service
  • Obtain ISO/IEC17025 accreditation (PJLA)


  • Obtain ISMS(ISO/IEC27001:2013/JIS Q 27001:2014) certification (BSI-J)