Overview of Nagano Science

1. Q:  Nagano Science has some 80% market share of stability testing products and services in Japan. Who are some of your current clients?

A:  Our clients include major pharmaceutical companies such as Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., and Daiichi Sankyo Co. as well as contract research organizations such as Institute of Applied Medicine, Inc. and JCL Bioassay Corporation.

2. Q:  Are Nagano Science’s products and services available in my country?

A:  We are currently introducing our products and services internationally, starting in Southeast Asia and USA. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.

3. Q:  What standards do your products and services adhere to?

A:  Our chambers, data management systems, services and storage facilities are designed to comply with the related guidelines and regulations (ICH, FDA, GMP, GLP, CSV). For detailed information, please refer to the pages for each product or service.


4. Q:  What does Nagano Science’s reach-in chambers look like?

A. We’d be happy to mail you a catalogue, please feel free to contact us.

5. Q:  Are the sizes and layouts of Nagano Science’s walk-in chambers customizable?

A:  Our design teams undertake all efforts to design walk-in chambers that maximize the existing space at your site without losing performance and compliance. However, we would like to visit your site or have a look at available blueprints in order to provide an accurate answer.

Monitoring Systems

6. Q:  I use chambers by different manufacturers. Can I still adopt your NASTER data management system?

A:  Our NASTER system is compatible with most chambers in the market. However, there may be instances where the design of the chambers makes it difficult to directly connect to our NASTER system. Please contact us to determine the details of the stability testing chambers you are using.


7. Q:  What happens if a malfunction occurs with a chamber or systems I purchased from Nagano Science? Will I have to wait for maintenance personnel to come all the way from Japan?

A:  We have professional partner organizations worldwide to support your maintenance needs. For more information, please refer to our Maintenance page or contact us for further enquiries.

Storage Services

8. Q:  How can I be sure that my samples kept at your facilities are not seen by other clients of Nagano Science?

A:  We make client confidentiality our utmost priority. Samples are stored and taken from our facilities only by our staff.
9. Q:  I have only a small amount of samples. Will Nagano Science accept small amounts?

A:  We know that small amounts means that you don’t really need to have your own stability testing facilities as it will just impose unnecessary costs. Contact us with an estimated amount of samples and let us prepare an according proposal for your sample storage requirement.

Other Support Services

10. Q:  I am interested in your daily inspection service. Who actually does the inspection?

A:  The actual inspection is carried out by staff with expert knowledge of chambers, validation and maintenance. For more information, click here.