Everyone at Nagano Science is a stability-testing expert, be it in proposing the best business solutions to our clients’ needs, chamber design or validations. The pharmaceutical industry needs more experts to assist and improve the stability testing in line with the current developments in stability-testing regulations.

By experts, we do not mean that we are only looking for technical knowledge. Our activities here at Nagano Science are the epitome of spirit of OMOTENASHI.

The word OMOTENASHI was coined in Japan, but its practice is universal. We believe that all who are

“Passionate”, “Effective Communicators”, “Creative”, “Proactive” and “Team Players” embody this spirit.

We find joy in communicating with our clients because it allows us to recognize our clients’ needs (even before they realize them!). We then employ the best process solution tailor-made to best and most effective benefit for our customers. These practices of OMOTENASHI are the reasons why our clients trust us!

If you’ve got the OMOTENASHI spirit in you, we’d like to welcome you to the Nagano Science family. Take the first step and mail us your resume!