Nagano Science is the only provider of products and services for the complete storage stability testing process for pharmaceutical companies.

While other companies only provide equipment or services or storage Nagano Science provides solutions to every step of the storage stability testing process so that you can focus on your core tasks of drug research and development and quality control.

Storage stability testing is a critical part in the process to get your innovations approved and out on the market. By using Nagano Science products and services you are fully backed up by the leading storage solution provider reducing your risk in the field.

In addition to stability testing chambers, maintenance and services of equipment we provide complete risk management analysis and action planning, risk assessment, full GMP validations and full SOP development support.

We also provide recalibration and re-validation services, data monitoring and recording to support your risk control measures.

Using Nagano Science means you can leave the storage stability testing in our hands and focus on your core capabilities in research and development, fully assured that your testing needs, tracking, reporting and auditing are in full control.

Nagano Science was founded in 1970 and has emerged as market leader in the field of pharmaceutical storage stability testing in Japan. Now we are starting to offer our knowledge, products and services internationally.

We are looking for partners who share our passion to provide first class services to pharmaceutical manufacturers and CROs and want to develop business in cooperation with us.

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