State-of-the-art stability testing chambers for pharmaceutical research and storage testing

Stability ChambersFocused on the pharmaceutical industry since 1970, Nagano Science has emerged as market leader for storage stability testing products and services in Japan.

Key to this success are our high-quality, highly reliability and precise, easy-to-use stability testing chambers in various sizes.

Whichever chamber you prefer, they all give you benefits in small footprint, low energy consumption, logic control panels and stable performance. We provide competent technical expertise, understanding of regulatory compliance and guideline requirements and practical
hands-on operating knowledge to offer the best products and
services for our customers.

Value-added services directly from the start

All Nagano Science equipment comes with a one-year warranty on parts. The warranty takes effect on the of installation.

Our systems are easy-to-use and require only minimal training. Operating manuals are provided with the stability testing chambers. Our service department is available 24 hours a day to provide a fast and efficient customer service.

Onsite operator trainings are provided for new operators and advanced users covering equipment updates and new technologies to assure the correct long-term operation.

Our service engineers are highly qualified and well trained to identify and resolve problems fast and efficiently online or on-site.

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