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Based on our experience and insight of the pharmaceutical market and storage stability testing process we have developed unique supporting services to keep your samples safe from natural disasters and loss of data.

Back-up storage

In case of emergencies caused by natural disasters (earthquake, fire or flooding) or malfunction of your stability testing chambers this service enables you to move your samples to our fully GMP and ICH compliant sample storage facility and avoiding the risk of having to abort the storage stability testing.

An alternative many of our customers appreciate is our Dual Storage service, to store your samples in both your and our facility. This radically decreases the risk of a sudden test stop, should any emergency occur.

Daily inspection service

Daily inspection of the stability testing chambers prevents unexpected emergencies. By using us for regular inspections, your staff can focus on their icore tasks such as development or quality control measures. We also will alert you in time when scheduled and preventive maintenance services are needed.

This service is assuring that your equipment is performing in accordance to required standards at all times and helps to extend the life cycle of equipment. Also, it adds substantially to maintain a compliant storage stability testing process.

Documentation service support

This service helps to prepare and integrate the documents needed to regulate the operation of your stability testing. It covers documentation of operational procedures, quality management system and validation planning based on our expertise, carried out by our experts in your facility.

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The list of risk control services include:

Risk Management
Risk Assessment
Back-up storage
Daily inspection
Operator training

Want to know more about our supporting services? Contact us now for a discussion