Renting storage space at Nagano Science’s safe storage facility gives you several benefits.

You save upfront money by not having to invest in floor space, equipment, staff and training. You don’t need other resources for planning and carrying out daily inspections and monitoring, data collection, regular validation, calibration and maintenance.

It is time saving because you don’t have to plan, build, furnish and equip your facility. Nagano Science sample storage service is fully ICH compliant and we can store your samples in any relevant and requested storage conditions.

We execute a strict risk management and periodically conduct in-house risk assessments to assure effective risk control and we have implemented all necessary emergency and contingency measures.

Our sample storage service can provide you with a superb back-up space for your samples in case of equipment break-down or emergencies in your sample storage process. Our sample storage facility is well maintained and operates with sufficient back-up systems in case of power failures or other disruptions affecting your sample storage process. we have all these precautions in place to offer you perfect conditions for your sample storage.

Back-up storage

Should you already have your own storage facilities in place, it may still be favourable to store samples with us.

At peak storage needs you can rent a temporary storage space and use Nagano Science’s sample storage OR storage service rather than expanding your own facilities. Lower investments in floor space, equipment, staff, training and operational costs are obvious and. free capital and personnel for core tasks..

In case of emergencies (power outages, earthquakes, floods) or other problems in your facility or with your chambers we offer to move your samples to our fully ICH and GMP compliant storage facility to avoid any interruption of you sample storage testing.

Our sample storage service may also be used as dual storage service allowing a safe storage of your samples at two different locations. By storing in two different locations you lower the risk of test disturbances or abortions of the storage stability testing that could be critical to your company’s product development process.

Additional supporting services include:

Risk Management
Risk Assessment
Back-up storage
Daily inspection
Operator training

To know more about renting storage space, contact us now!