Soon, you can use us anywhere.

Since its foundation in 1970, Nagano Science has become the largest provider of services and products for pharmaceutical storage stability testing in Japan.

Today all top ten pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract research organizations (CROs) in Japan trust Nagano Science products and services. More than 80% of all Japanese pharmaceutical companies are using our products and services.

In addition to storage stability testing chambers, we also provide off-site stability storage space for pharmaceutical products to conduct ICH and GMP compliant storage stability testing. Our facility fulfils all criteria to international inspection and auditing requirements.

Using Nagano Science for sample storage results in substantial cost-savings compared to investing in owned storage chambers and related space and / or equipment.

This is particularly important for R&D-driven innovative companies, who can focus their resources on research and development tasks rather than locking them up in expensive safety and risk control measures and equipment.

Nagano Science offers a range of unique services in Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Validation, Inspection, Training and other knowledge-based solutions making our customers more effective and productive in their efforts to assure and control product quality processes.

The globalization of the pharmaceutical industry forces manufacturers to assure quality, safety and efficacy anywhere. Nagano Science is conducting intensive research on these developments and develop products and services which are in accordance to all international guidelines.

Our proposal is simple: Nagano Science technology, quality services and support should be available to innovative companies outside Japan.

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